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Sagita Thapa
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Home ownership is very vital for wealth building. It is an American dreamto own a home. Many folks do not have the right to update information.I understand buying and selling is one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life. Representing the California homeowners and future homeowners, I am always committed to listening to my client’s interest. With my insights and knowledge of areas specially Bay Areas and Los Angeles Areas and their market conditions, I can help and guide with my best effort to get the best home for my client according to their choice. I have been working full time in the business for the last two years and I am working as a loan processor as well. I know how the loan works so I can guide my clients and educate them with my experience. I am an honest, hard working and savvy professional in the business of homeownership. Please contact me today. Let me help you to achieve your home ownership and help you build wealth through real estate.