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We're here to help. We have lived through it in our own families. My wife is also a Trust and Probate litigator. We understand.

Here are the main points to understand as far as what we can do for you beyond just marketing your property on or off-market:  Introduction to Probate Real Estate: A brief overview of what probate real estate entails, emphasizing the legal process after someone passes away without a will or estate plan in place. Explain the role of a probate court in distributing the deceased's assets. Of course, we are hoping there is a trust in place. This keeps it all clear and only a few other documents are needed.

Your Certification and Expertise: We have experience in the field, including how many years you've worked in probate real estate, any specific training you've undergone, and your understanding of California's probate laws and regulations.
The Probate Process in California: We can provide a detailed explanation of the probate process in California, including timelines, court procedures, and the roles of various parties involved (e.g., executor, administrator, probate attorney). We can use simple language to make complex legal concepts.
Services You Offer:  As a Probate agent, we can fairly evaluate estate properties, prepare the property for sale, market the property, negotiate sales, and facilitate the closing process. We will show how these services can alleviate stress and streamline the probate process for executors and heirs.
Common Challenges and Solutions: There are common challenges faced during the probate real estate process, such as dealing with multiple heirs, clearing title issues, or selling a property in disrepair. Offer solutions or tips on how to overcome these challenges, showcasing your problem-solving skills.
Legal and Financial Considerations: We can provide information on legal and financial considerations related to probate sales in California, such as tax implications, court fees, and potential legal hurdles. Emphasize how you can help clients navigate these complexities.
When you need help. Please call us to help you during an often stressful time. 310-710-7342.  http://wwwkevinakent.com

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