A 100% commission plan built for new real estate agents.

The MENTOR program is cost conscious and designed to help new real estate agents get the training and support they need. 

We know that starting out in the real estate business can be expensive. New real estate agents in our MENTOR Program enjoy a smart scaled, ALL-INCLUSIVE transaction fee per side with no monthly fees and no upfront training costs.

One on one training and support with an experienced real estate mentor through your first few transactions.
Enrollment into our 30 Day Success Plan at no cost. Receive 30 days of business building content designed for new real estate agents who want to get up and running in the real estate business quickly. New real estate agents in the 30 Day Success Plan get introduced to good daily habits that top producers live by, various methods of proven real estate lead generation, and some important basics that were not taught in real estate school. The goal of the 30 Day Success Plan is to help conquer some common fears that many agents have when starting out in the business.

State of the art transaction management system featuring a proprietary offers dashboard that helps you win more listings and stay more organized when fielding offers for your listings. Receive all offers summarized in one dashboard, get real time notification of new incoming offers, share them instantly with your seller with the consumer interface & then add seamlessly to your transaction file. Clients, cooperating agents, title companies, and transaction coordinators all enjoy a secure, transparent, & guided transaction experience with blockchain technology. Docusign integration included. Impress your clients from offer to deed recording! 

On Demand coaching with national real estate coach Jeff Lobb through his innovative Coach 52 system. Weekly accountability check-ins, growth strategies, marketing plans, & more all included at no additional cost in our RISE 100 Program for Rise Realty real estate agents.

Online marketing center featuring digital content, simple Facebook ad campaign creation, appealing social media graphics & templates, strategic farming plans, direct mail templates with print & ship options, affordable farming lists,  & more.

Weekly training webinars that will sharpen your contract knowledge, your marketing plans, and more.

Simplified commission disbursement direct from escrow for fast pay out.

Work from anywhere, anytime with 24/7 access to our robust Online Office.

Available exclusive live transfer leads through Opcity with no brokerage splits.

In-House design team to support all your branding needs.

Our Smart Scale transaction fee schedule for the MENTOR Program:
 Sales Price   Transaction Fee per Side
 $0 to $99,999   $299.00
 $100,000-$199,999   $399.00
 $200,000-$299,999    $499.00
 $300,000-$399,999  $599.00
 $400,000-$499,999  $699.00
 $500,000-$599,999  $799.00
 $600,000-$699,999  $899.00
 $700,000-$799,999  $999.00
 $800,000-$899,999  $1099.00
 $900,000-$999,999  $1199.00
 $1,000,000+    $1299.00 capped

100% commission plans

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