Our most popular 100% commission plan.

Our original, ALL-INCLUSIVE 100% commission plan built for real estate professionals who work in a wide price spectrum and need a flexible 100% commission plan.

RISE 100 agents enjoy a smart scaled, ALL-INCLUSIVE transaction fee per side with no monthly fees.

What you get with Rise 100 Program:

✓ State of the art transaction management system featuring a proprietary offers dashboard that helps you win more listings and stay more organized when fielding offers for your listings.

✓ On Demand coaching with national real estate coach Jeff Lobb through his innovative Coach 52 system.

✓ Online marketing center featuring digital content, simple Facebook ad campaign creation, appealing social media graphics & templates, strategic farming plans, direct mail templates with print & ship options, affordable farming lists, & more.

✓ Weekly training webinars that will sharpen your contract knowledge, your marketing plans, and more.

✓ Simplified commission disbursement direct from escrow for fast pay out.

✓ Work from anywhere, anytime with 24/7 access to our robust Online Office.

✓ Available exclusive live transfer leads through Opcity with no brokerage splits.

✓ In-House design team to support all your branding needs.

✓ Reliable broker support 7 days per week.

Our Smart Scale transaction fee schedule

 Sales Price   Transaction Fee per Side
 $0 to $99,999   $199.00
 $100,000-$199,999   $299.00
 $200,000-$299,999    $399.00
 $300,000-$399,999  $499.00
 $400,000-$499,999  $599.00
 $500,000-$599,999  $699.00
 $600,000-$699,999  $799.00
 $700,000-$799,999  $899.00
 $800,000-$899,999  $999.00
 $900,000-$999,999  $1099.00
 $1,000,000+    Scale continues

100% commission plans

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