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Real Estate CRM powered by Sierra Interactive

Features Overview

Purpose built with all of the features you need to move deals along quickly, without the unnecessary features that just get in the way.

The Sierra CRM is incredibly flexible and well rounded. It delivers on its purpose of helping you effectively move deals through your sales pipeline and then getting out of your way.

  • Action Plans - Assign fully automated follow up plans that included any sequence of emails, texts, and ringless voicemail messages.
  • Text Messaging - Manage text message conversations with real estate leads and clients from a single platform on desktop and mobile and never lose track of a conversation.
  • Ringless Voicemails - Record and send ringless voice mail messages directly to real estate leads and contacts and build them within fully automated action plans.
  • Dialer - Call any lead from this real estate CRM or build custom call lists to dial through a group of leads in a single session.
  • Lead Routing - Build custom criteria to get new leads to the right agent and lenders and assigned to the right follow up plans.
  • Mass Messaging - Send mass messages to your leads and contacts via email, text, or ringless voicemail.
  • Tags - Create a clear picture of any lead using tag combinations that can be used to build filters and organize your database.
  • Smart Filters - Build custom filters from an extensive list of advanced search criteria to dial into a specific group of related leads.
  • Activity Tracking - Track the communication and engagement activity within a simple to use dashboard and keep up with important conversations.
  • Search Activity - Get a clear picture of what your real estate leads and contacts are searching for on your real estate website, from every property viewed, saved, and shared.
  • Listing Reports - Create custom listings alerts for your real estate leads and contacts that trigger emails with new properties that meet their criteria.
  • Market Reports - Create custom market reports for each lead and contact in your database for an easy way to provide value automatically.

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